Automation and Instrumentation Systems

Working on projects in the area of automation and instrumentation systems, we have translated a great number of documents (installation manuals, operating and maintenance instructions, service manuals, specifications manuals, drawings, data sheets, etc.) concerning the following matters:

  • motors, induction motors for hazardous atmospheres, motors and generators for hazardous areas
  • actuators, cable accessories, circuit breakers, switches and disconnectors, industrial plugs and sockets
  • oil and gas equipment, natural gas measurement and automation
  • flow measurement products, temperature measurement products, process automation
  • programmable logic controllers, controllers
  • pressure transmitters, sensors
  • switchgear parts, bushings, synchronous motors
  • industrial air compressors, air dryers, parts for compressors
  • duct smoke detectors and accessories, controls, low voltage relays, control relays
  • power supplies, PCB mounting and enclosure options
  • new products presentations
  • Code of Conduct for Employees
  • design and project management documents, inspections and safety audit reports
  • process optimization, testing and analysis
  • training and consultancy, diversity training slide presentation, participant workbook, datasheets
  • and many other documents

The referred equipment was manufactured by the following companies:

  • ABB
  • Air Dale
  • Air Products
  • Danfoss
  • Fluke Networks
  • Speedtronic

See page Companies to learn more about the companies.

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