Medicine and Pharmacology

Working on many projects in the area of medicine and pharmacology, we translated many texts (operating and maintenance instructions, service manuals, specifications manuals, etc.) concerning the following devices, materials and products:

  • cryosurgery units
  • lavage pumps
  • blood sugar measuring units
  • glucose meters
  • test strips
  • diabetes management software
  • blood pressure instruments
  • fever thermometers
  • electric blankets
  • footbaths and nebulizers
  • pulse watches
  • X-ray solutions
  • products for infection control and contamination prevention
  • materials used in the care of patients
  • products used in production and quality control of pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • equipment for decontamination and sterilization
  • high-grade products for dentists and dental technicians
  • and many other items

The referred products were manufactured by the following companies:

  • Beurer
  • General Electric
  • Getinge
  • ERBE
  • Kavo Dental
  • LifeScan

See page Companies to learn more about the companies.

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